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New Boundaries of Interaction.

Beard trimming is an important aspect of grooming for men who sport facial hair. Not only does it keep the beard looking neat and well-groomed, but it also helps to promote healthy growth. Regular beard trimming is a simple yet effective way to maintain a polished and professional look.

A beard trimmer is a must-have tool for any man who wants to maintain a well-groomed and stylish beard. With the ability to trim and shape facial hair with precision, a beard trimmer can make the grooming process quick and easy. Handy is a trimmer concept that redefines interaction and the case of a traditional trimmer. Hands are one of the most accurate and intuitive tools that we have. It uses that accuracy and precision in defining the fingers to clearly define the beard shape. The more the fingers are near to the working area, more is the more precision and accuracy.

12 Weeks

Group Project

Politecnico di Milano



In the group Project in the first semester of my Master's degree. The Brief of the studio was to choose a product and redefine the interaction based on the shape, function and use case. Our team chose Beard Trimming and decided to redefine the shape and interaction of a trimmer and the whole process of grooming a beard.


Pain Points

  • Unprecise and Uneven Beard.

  • Changing of Combs.

  • Do not remember the length setting of last time.

  • Low on Battery when going for a trim.

User Interviews Insights

User Interviews Insights

We Interviewed 45 people using a detailed length Interview and google forms, which gave some useful insights about the way of trimming the beard and the difficulties they face during the process of beard grooming.

Average Frequency: 1-3 times a week.

Difficult Areas

  • The left side of the face.

  • Under the chin.

  • Shaping the Beard accurately.

  • Cut on the back of the Head for shaping hairstyle.


The main Idea behind the concept is to give accuracy and precision of the Human Fingers to the process of Trimming and Grooming the beard. The distance between the fingers and the blade affects the precision of the cut and shaping of the beard. 

Idea Generation and Shape Definition.


Final Design.

The resulting design is a hybrid of a traditional Trimmer and a more interactive Trimmer. We named it Handy because it feels like an extension of your hand and fingers. It is a wearable trimmer that can be put on your fingers which gives more control over each stroke of the blade.





studios demo.85.jpg



Power Button




Proximity Sensor

finger button.jpg




Screenshot (16)_edited.jpg

The Trimmer also comes with a Charging Dock that will keep the Handy charged and Handy whenever needed. 

Use case

Handy can be used in two ways

  • In a traditional way like other trimmers. ( No Learning Curve) or

  • As a Wearable Trimmer.

Traditional Trimmer

Wearable Trimmer

Future Vision ( Inclusion of AI)

In Future, the Trimming process can be easier with the help of AI. Users can use the advanced Face ID sensors in the iPhones and the Automation of Proximity sensor and change in comb settings to get any beard style they want. Or they can create their own custom style by defining the particular area and the length settings for that area. Then when the user goes for a trim, just keep your iPhone in front of you and it will tell you the number of strokes and the direction of movement of the trimmer which will give you a   Precise and Perfect beard every time.

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