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Saurabh Verma

Industrial Designer / Design Engineer





Via Maggianico 6, Milan, Italy (20156)

Date of Birth:

January 17th, 1998

A Bit About Me

Hi there, I am Saurabh Verma,


I am a Product and Industrial Designer, as well as an all-around solution designer living in Milan, Italy. I always had a passion to solve problems with innovative solutions. With that thought, I did my bachelor's in Industrial engineering where I came to know about the field of product design, which aligned more with my passion. In my work, I make sure that the products, components, and relative systems are technically feasible, user-friendly, emotive, pleasing, clear on the brand, and usable with a touch of smoothness.


I specialize in creating products from the initial stage of concept ideas and bringing them to real-life using iterative design techniques with a focus on designing based on manufacturing techniques and materials. I also have an interest in product storytelling and the marketing of products, whether it's through renderings, illustrations, or photos. I can help portray a correct story for the product to sell.


Work Experience

June 2022 - March 2023

January 2021- May 2022

June 2019 - August 2019

Federica Biasi’s design style is characterized by a poetic and refined approach that combines functionality and aesthetics. I have learned how to balance these two aspects while creating designs that are both beautiful and functional. Her work often features natural materials, soft colours, and simple shapes that evoke a sense of calm and harmony. 
Being part of the studio allowed me to see how design projects are conceptualized, developed, and brought to life. 

I started freelance as an Industrial designer.  Firstly, I designed a Rowing Machine from concepts to mechanics for Gymnasium for Australian army gyms.

I worked and designed aesthetics for the Branding and Advertisement of a wireless and portable personal cloud storage device.

I also designed aesthetics and functionality for a health monitoring system for elderly people, which helped the company to pitch the idea to the investors.

I worked with a agrotech startup Robic Rufarm pvt. Ltd. Where I worked as a product designer for the Product development team of an Aquatic health monitoring system called Camaron, which is an IoT-based monitoring system designed for the health of fish in pisciculture.


While working on the Camaron I also designed an Edge band measuring and cutting device for a furniture company to accurately measure and cut edge bands of any size.

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